How to Detoxify Your Body!

Having just come off of the holidays is that perfect time of year to enhance tour body to rejuvenate, refresh, and revive itself as you come out of "winter hibernation." With spring right around the corner it's time to spring clean your body!

Due to the vast amounts of toxins in the environment, which are also found directly in the foods, liquids and air that we take in daily, it is vital for the body to eliminate these toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals include anything that the body was not meant to have in its system, including heavy metals. The body has natural mechanisms to get rid of these harsh materials on its own, but because of an overload of poisons found in today's world it is often necessary to give your body a boost in this vital process. The toxins that we are exposed to come from a wide variety of sources such as chemicals, pesticides, addictives, additives, preservatives, antibiotic residues, hormone residues and carcinogens.

Usually when people feel like they have a bug or the flu, they are in actually going through a natural detox process when too many toxins have built up in the body. Toxins are stored in fat cells and will be leached out for detoxification when the body is able to handle this process. Sometimes the detox process will occur immediately after an illness, as the body wants to continue to "clean house."
There are several types of detox programs that your holistic physician can determine what is needed for your individual situation. here is a general overview of the different types:
1. Liver detox
There are 2 main phases in the liver detoxication.
Phase 1: Takes garbage (toxins) from the house (liver) to the end of the driveway (the lymphatic system.)
Phase 2: Garbage men pick up and remove trash (toxins) away from the end of the driveway (the lymphatic system eliminate from the body.)
*If a problem exists with either phase: There will be an accumulation of trash (toxins) inside the house (liver) or at the end of the driveway (the lymphatic.)
2. GI detox
Sometimes the digestive tract needs to be detoxified, either solely or in conjunction with the liver.
3. Gallbladder detox
Sometimes the gallbladder needs to be detoxified in conjunction with the liver.
4. Lymphatic system
The lymph system is closely correlated with an increased toxicity of the entire body.
5. Heavy Metal Detox
When heavy metals accumulate in the body, an entirely different approach needs to be taken. It may be detrimental to do a regular detox when metals are involved. Succinic acid is needed to draw the metals out of the body. Therefore it is extremely important to determine the cause of the problem and which heavy metal(s) may be involved.
Your doctor can determine which type of detox program is appropriate for you. A naturally-based approach is extremely safe and effective and is a very common treatment used by holistic physicians.

   Dietary measures can also be beneficial for cleansing the body. Cruciferous vegetables provide substantial support to several systems in the body. Aside from their ability to support detoxification through their high levels of antioxidants, cruciferous vegetables and also support anti-inflammatory pathways, digestion, protection against heart disease and have very strong cancer risk- reducing properties. They even play an important role for those who have genetic predisposition toward an altered detox system, which is far more common than the most people realize
Some sign that may have increased toxins in your body can include any of the following:
brain fog
change in appetite
bad taste/ metallic taste in the mouth
upper back pain that doesn't ease with the chiropractic adjustments
water retention
joint pains
Cruciferous Vegetables include the following :
bok Choy
Brussels sprouts
collard greens
At DC Canyon we can personally assess your individual need and which detox program will suit you best. Along with a personal detox program, you can expect a food based approach with the plan. Detox programs vary in intensity and can last anywhere from three to five days to a month in duration, depending on the individuals' needs.


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